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Oak Hill Community Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Located in Volusia County, Oak Hill is a quaint and tight-knit community of just 1,792 residents as of the 2010 Census.

Like most of the surrounding area, this community was originally inhabited by the Timucuan Indians, who lived along the shore from 2000 BC to about 1,500 AD.

European settlers arrived during that time and started settling the area. The name “Oak Hill” was derived because of all the seasonal northern loggers who were in the area in about 1850.

The community continued to grow over time, even adding its own local cemetery as well as part-time stores. By 1924, a grade 1 through 10 school had been added to the community.

The Community Spirit of Oak Hill

This school ended up getting a lot of publicity in the decades to come.  That’s because the school board closed the school in 2008 amid budget cuts and slated it for demolition.

Then the non-profit Oak Hill Community Trust stepped in and purchased the property in late 2009.  Hundred of volunteers gave thousands of hours of their time to refurbish the building. 

The school opened in August of 2011 with 260 students. Now that’s impressive!

Even more so, the Kennedy Space Center donated a 10,000-square-foot plus office building to the school, on the condition that it had to be moved from Kennedy Space Center without delay.

Volunteers once again stepped up to help move the school , which was ultimately established as a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math school.

It truly is amazing what one community can do when they care about each other that much.

Recreational Options When You Live in Oak Hill

There is a sizeable amount of recreational fishing and eco-tourism that goes on in Oak Hill. 

Meanwhile, there are several regional bicycle paths that traverse Oak Hill, which are quite popular among residents.

This community is also the site of the Seminole Rest state park as well as the northern entrance to the Canaveral National Seashore.

Local Industry is Thriving Here!

Another cool feature about this community is that it’s been designated as an Enterprise Zone by the state of Florida.

This means that there are various tax rebates and incentives available to new businesses locating there as well as for the expansion of existing businesses.

City government is also considered very business friendly, with little paperwork and minimal license fees.  Thus, if you’re an entrepreneur, this is a great place to work!

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