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New Smyrna Beach Moving Tips

Let's face it, moving day is no picnic. Experience has taught us organization is the key to making your relocation to New Smyrna Beach Florida as smooth as possible.  By using these helpful tips, your move will be much more organized and less stressful.  If we can be of assistance, contact us, your New Smyrna Beach Florida real estate experts.

Before You Move

Taking the time to plan your move ahead of time will help things make for a stress-free experience come moving day. Here’s what you should do in the months leading up to your move.

Declutter Your Home

Host a garage or yard sale to get rid of outgrown or unused items. If time prevents you from holding a yard sale, consider donating the items to a charitable organization like the Salvation Army or the Goodwill Foundation.

Pack with Care

Use sturdy, reinforced boxes, and if packing fragile items, pack them with care. Consider using bubble wrap or other packing material for extra cushion and security. If you secure free boxes at your neighborhood supermarket or liquor store, just remember they are not reinforced. Mark fragile boxes so movers can identify them quickly and easily. Be sure you point out to your mover those boxes that contain high-value items and secure extra insurance for those items.

Sort the Essentials

Create an "OPEN ME FIRST" box containing personal essentials like toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, paper plates, paper cups, paper towels, snacks, instant coffee or tea bags, soap, flashlight, tools (screwdriver, pliers), and any other items your family can't do without. Have this box available so it can be removed first from the moving van.

Review Your Moving Documents

Take your old phone book with you just in case you need to contact someone from your former home. Exchange your contact information with the mover's foreman in case you need to contact each other. Read all moving documents before you sign anything. If you don't understand something, ask for a clear explanation. Note your shipment's registration number, and keep your Bill of Loading handy during the move.

Clarify the Details

If you're moving long distance, it's possible your household goods and personal belongings could be on a truck with someone else's goods too. If this is the case, your mover may have to warehouse your furniture and belongings for several days. Ask your mover if your goods will remain on the truck until delivered. If they have to be stored, ask if you may inspect the warehouse for security, organization and cleanliness.

Handy Packing Tips

  • Pack dishes, bowls, plates and other glass objects vertically, rather than flat and stacked.
  • Pack heavier items in smaller boxes.
  • Don't forget to label your boxes, especially any box that contains items that are needed immediately such as sheets and towels.

On Moving Day

Moving day can be chaotic. Take some time before the movers arrive to get prepared and make things go as smoothly as possible.

Organize Personal Items and Papers

Take all your personal documentation (medical records, school records, financial records) and medications with you for your security and for your convenience.

Pack a Bag of Essentials

If you happen to make it to your new home before the moving truck, you'll want to have an overnight bag with all your essentials like personal hygiene items, medications, chargers, and a change of clothes.

Keep Contracts on Hand

You never know what could happen on moving day, so make sure to have your mover's contact information with you at all times.

After You Move

You've finally moved into your new home—now it's time to start making memories! But there are a few things you’ll need to do before you settle in.

Change Your Locks

You don't know who has a copy of your new home's keys, so it's crucial to change the locks ASAP!

Clean Before You Unpack

It's a lot easier to get into the nooks and crannies of your new home without furniture in the way. This way, you'll get the "fresh" feeling in addition to the "new" feeling!

Take It Room-by-Room

You can make the seemingly daunting process of unpacking seem simpler by breaking it down into steps—we suggest starting with the most important rooms first, such as the bedroom or kitchen.

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